About the Civic Garden

In November of 2006, the City of Minneapolis finalized a contract awarding the Wireless Minneapolis network project to a local ISP, US Internet (USIW). Part of this groundbreaking agreement calls for the vendor to provide residents with free access to a "Civic Garden" of website information, accessed via the network login (or "portal") page.

The website links you will find here are all designed to provide useful, public sector information--no commercial or partisan websites are included, and many of the websites reflect city, county, and state resources. All Civic Garden sites are family-friendly.

To see websites outside the Civic Garden you need to be in one of the public access areas (usually near a Minneapolis Park and Rec Center, library, or purchase a USIW account.

We have included a collection of specific websites published in Hmong, Somali and Spanish.

Initial funding for this project was provided by the City of Minneapolis Communications Office, The City of Minneapolis' Business Information Systems department, and US Internet.

We welcome any comments, suggestions or feedback you have regarding this project. Send us your comments about the Civic Garden here!

The City of Minneapolis and US Internet do not endorse any of the organizations or agencies represented on this site; any content contained within these websites is solely the responsibility of their publisher(s).